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Pretty in Pink, Newborn

It's funny how unique specialties in portraits tend to be. Many photographers choose to work with certain populations of people. Me, well.... I'm still loving the wide spectrum of people I shoot. Diversity inspires creativity. In particular, I am blessed to be able to join in the joy and newness of newborn photography. Working with the Condotta family was a joy in itself...

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How To Dedicate A Baby

I first met sweet, adorable, baby Harrison about a month ago when I had the pleasure of meeting his mother, Ruth, at my life group. I have had the joy of taking Harrison hostage during bible studies and getting to see his bright sweet spirit light up the room .This past Sunday, Ruth made the decision to have Harrison dedicated at church! I was blessed to be able to take pictures of Ruth, Harrison, and her lovely family! Enjoy the many faces of Harrison. May it brighten up the middle of your week! 

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