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Just Keep Swimming, Seniors

When I met Taylor and her father on a perfect sun kissed Sunday, I already felt at home with these two.  Taylor was sweet, genuine, and beautiful and she posed, cat walked, and smiled. Taylor, I am so excited for you to begin your new adventure at Texas State. You were such a natural, and your smile exudes beauty and radiance!  I hope you enjoy your session preview! 

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The Sunshine To My Day, Seniors

I met Amy when she was a freshman in college, and was lucky enough to have her as my "little", and one of my closest friends. Amy lights up a room, exudes leadership, shows genuine kindness, and shares wise words. Amy, you are going to rock the real world, girlfriend. Watching you thrive throughout your time at ACU has been a true joy, and I can't wait to see what you end up doing. I hope you enjoy your sneak peak of your senior pictures. The hours I get with you are precious, and no matter how much time passes from seeing each other, we start right where we left off. That is the sign of a true friend. I love you! 

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Life in Color, Seniors

I was happy to finally meet Brittany, dressed flawlessly in a scarlet red dress, and cute booties. The excitement Brittany brought to the shoot was nothing less than perfect, and it made photographing her easy as she naturally directed herself in front of the camera. The Sunday was glorious, with a light breeze and bright sun. Deep Ellum shined in brilliance with all it's color.  We were able to capture both a fun color feel at the beginning of the session, and a classic posh style at the end. Brittany, I hope the best for you and the rest of your senior year. Good luck with college, and enjoy your senior pictures! 

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