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The Sun Also Rises- Maternity

Waking up at 4:45am to drive from on side of the metroplex to the other before sunrise is no easy feat. Thankfully the side country roads and cool morning breeze in McKinney helped tremendously. Having the opportunity to shoot Heather & Dan's maternity shoot was so fun. Not only is Heather two weeks out, but she was hiking through the fields, jumping over farm fences, and enjoying every minute of it. Heather & Dan, you are going to make two of the world's greatest parents. Baby Kaitlyn doesn't even know what's coming; not only from the two of you, but from your wonderful family as well! My favorite part of this shoot had to be at our final location. Heather and I were determined to find a field of sunflowers. Dan ended up driving us down a random country path where we found an actual field of cultivated sunflowers. However they were perfectly aligned and taunting us behind the barbed wire fence. Thankfully, we found a locked fence and all decided to jump over it... after all... it's all for the shot. We walked to a good area, and within 40 seconds of shooting, all of a sudden I felt a harsh stinging sensation. My entire shoe, sock, and ankle was covered with fire ants! Thankfully, Army Ranger Dan to the rescue, he acted quickly! He took my shoe, killed those ants, and made me climb on his back to across the field to safety. Heather was giggling and taking pictures of us the entire time with camera. Even though my feet are in pain still, it was totally worth it. Taking pictures can be dangerous I tell ya!! I hope you enjoy the sneak preview of your maternity shoot, and I can't wait for Kaitlyn!!!