photography is the beauty of life captured

I Am Sam, Newborns

This is the part of your sweet little story, the part where your page meets mine, no matter where your tale takes you tomorrow, our story will always read love.

Welcome to the big wide world, baby Sam!! I absolutely loved this newborn session. Sam's mom wanted it to be simple and classic, and to incorporate little trinkets and gifts painted, crafted, and belonging to friends and family. If you scroll down you can see the cute animal paintings wonderfully painted by their family friend. The chevron blanket was from a grandmother, and the wood board was also crafted and painted by family friend. The pictures were never posed, as in there weren't any attempts to put his head on his resting hands, or to wear spectacular outfits (even though that might be fun too!). I hope you enjoy the simplicity, beauty, newness, and love that Sam brought to the session and to his family.