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The Fastest Dog on Two Front Feet, Pets

Konjo has claimed the title in the 2015 Guinness World Records book of the fastest 5 metres on front paws by a dog with a time of 2.39 seconds , smashing the record of 7.76 seconds. The attempt took place at Tustin Sports Park, Tustin, California, USA on 22 December 2014. I first met Konjo's owner, Julia walking her giant doberman, Onix, and tiny twin Konjo on a random Saturday night. Julia, Konjo's owner, and I decided to get together for me to snap some of her story board ideas with the goal of getting Konjo a promotional deal. Enjoy some of the story board ideas below! Julia was so fun and creative to work with. And Konjo was a trooper and a cutie if I ever saw one! What a perfect celebrity! ;)Random thanks to Onix the doberman for appearing in some of these shots! 

Caught Green Handed... Paw-ed.

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk...

Paper Towel, dog tested, dog approved.