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Sarah & Chris, Engagement

There are fewer things that bring joy to a photographer than getting to capture those special moments in people's lives. Of those fewer things are getting to capture special moments of the people you actually share life with. Sarah is my longest best friend, and one of the best women I have had the pleasure of knowing. She is kind, supportive, strong, daringly loving, and has a memory of a CIA agent. Just as Sarah has been alongside me through all of my ups and downs with boys since middle school, so have I with hers. I guess that makes me an expert in Sarah's love life ;). Therefore, I am confident when I say that I could not have chosen a better person for my best friend than Chris. Chris, you are smart, funny, sincere, loyal, and have a heart of gold. You are able to not only to tolerate our friend group, but love and appreciate us for who we are... a package deal that just so happens to come with being in a relationship with Sarah. :) Sarah & Chris, you both compliment each other's personality, challenge each other in just the right ways, and are fearlessly devoted to each other. It has been a joy to watch your love unfold. Thanks for being yourselves and having so much fun with me during your engagement session. I love you both! I can't wait to stand next to you when you tie the knot. Enjoy your sneak peek! 

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