photography is the beauty of life captured

Mr. & Mrs. Stabile, Dallas Texas

Want to know what happens when you swipe right? Well.. often times horror stories to tell your girlfriends at brunch...and other times you get lucky enough to meet the person who will be the next parent to your child, your future best friend, travel buddy, and life partner. Lucky for Whitney & Joel, that is exactly what happened. I was so thankful to be able to capture this quaint, intimate, & beautiful day for the Stabile's. I wish I could describe to you the feeling that illuminated off Joel when he grabbed Whitney as his new wife when they kissed, or the laughter that came out from Whitney as she lovingly caressed her new husband. However, I CAN describe the tears running down my face during the ceremony when they each gave their new child a special necklace and promised their unconditional dedication to them. This wedding was priceless. Whitney & Joel, I hope you enjoy your sneak peak of your big day. I wish the best for your family and your future!!