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Elyse & Keaton, Engagements

I have known Elyse and Keaton for a while now. I remember YEARS ago, I looked at Keaton and said... "if you are ready to make the plunge... think of me." Even all that time ago, Elyse and Keaton were bound to end up together. They were always loving, kind, and a joyful towards each other and to their friends. They always manage to be silly and comfortable and real. And every time I see them their presence brings a light to the party. Love you both, and enjoy your sneak peek! 

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Ashley & Jay, Engagements

So, I'm already in love with these two... and the mother of the bride... and their dogs.. and their wedding is still a year away!! I can't imagine how much more obsessed with these two I'll become.  Ashley & Jay, I can't wait to share all of these magical moments with you, but for the time being I hope you can enjoy this sneak peek! Your love is special. The way you speak to each other, interact with kindness, and come together to become the best doggy parents, soak up all this merriment! 

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