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The Easter Challenge, Family

Have you ever gotten a one year old, a two year old, and a six month old puppy together to have an Easter shoot? Have you ever tried to take all the giant animals, easter eggs, and bunny costumes with you? Near a lake? With ducks? All alone?

Here's a piece of advice. Don't. Not without a lot of help.

Thankfully Luke and Ben were the sweetest children, and the puppy tried to pay attention half the time. But madness seemed to follow any shot I tried to capture. The trick usually can be to allow the kids to have just eaten a snack, and normally they are happy and aren't paying attention to the camera lady snapping pictures in their face. However, this time, snack time wasn't enough. I looked at the baby, "Ben... what are you chewing on?" THE PUPPY TREAT?! BEN> PUT IT DOWN... then the puppy storms off, racing towards the ducks near the pond and SPLASH, her cute little spotted body wearing a new tutu and bunny ears was now engulfed in the lake. Smelly. And. Wet. The easter challenge was indeed a challenge, but the outcome was a total success. This photo shoot was one of my favorites, and the shots depict a serenity that thankfully was somehow captured . Happy late Easter everyone. Enjoy the bunnies and the chocolates and your loved ones!