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Valerie & Randal, Engagements

When I got together with Valerie to figure out engagements… she got slightly nervous…

“How do you feel about driving two hours away? Randal and I have a very special place to us outside of the city where we go to do motocross.”

“I’m in.”- I said. AND OH MAN… this session turned out to be truly one of the most adventurous, beautiful, and fun engagements I have ever had the pleasure of shooting. When I drove in to Red River Motorcycle Trails… I was blown away by the beauty of the rock formations, the saturation of the red river, the kindness of all the friends that drove me around on a four wheeler (so I wouldn’t die), other friends who helped with the drones, motocross bikes, and so much more. Let me tell yall, when you look at the background of these pictures, this truly was the color of the sky and the river. It was majestic. And more than that, the love and sillyness between Valerie and Randal was truly a sight. The fact that Randal was such a sport to allow a four hour session to take place, it means that they truly wanted these pictures to be special and unique. So enjoy!

Ana RodriguezComment